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Dot Trademark Invited to Give Keynote Speech in Meeting by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific In Bangkok

Source: RegistryDate: 2017-11-14

The 7th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Network at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)  commenced in Bangkok, Thailand on 2 November 2017. Dennis Cai, President of Policy and Compliance of Dot Trademark Registry was invited to deliver a speech in the Meeting.


The UNESCAP is the regional development arm of the United Nations in the Asia-Pacific, consisting of 53 Member States and 9 Associate Members. This meeting is of prime importance as it explores the development and opportunities in trade, investment, and innovation with the aim of promoting foreign direct investment and economic development in member countries of the Asia Pacific. In today's era of rapid development of the Internet, the protection of online intellectual property is inseparable from the improvement of the investment environment. Therefore, the protection of online IP rights under the globalised and digitised economic environment is an important issue in this Meeting.


Mr. Dennis Cai delivered a keynote speech on the current situation and challenges faced by China in online IP protection. He introduced the concept of Dot Trademark, highlighting that “.商标”(Chinese Dot Trademark domain) is a new symbol for global brand owners to denote their trademark rights online. Dot Trademark’s innovative naming methods and rights protection mechanism ensures that brand owners legitimate rights are properly verified and protected under is domain. Hence, Dot Trademark is in a leading position on global online trademark rights protection.


In his speech, Dennis pointed out that with the vigorous development on the Internet, many conflicts arose due to the lack of an effective rights verification mechanism for most naming systems in e-commerce platforms, social media and software. He mentioned that the Dot Trademark top-level domain (TLD) is made up of Chinese characters, letters, numbers, or a combination of the above. With its abilities to verify, denote, and protect trademark rights online, Dot Trademark helps consumers quickly and accurately locate a corresponding brand and its goods or services, and mitigate the risk of being misled by fraudulent information on the Internet. As such, Dot Trademark names are ideal portals for brands to expand its opportunities and usage online, greatly improving the limitations of brand promotion on the Internet.


Dot Trademark can be widely used in other internet applications, including mobile platforms, search engines, social media websites and QR codes etc., effectively reducing consumers’ time in identifying the authenticity of goods or services on the Internet, while greatly enhancing the credibility of online information. In addition, the establishment of Dot Trademark actively promotes Internet governance in governments and regions, online anti-counterfeiting, enhance cybersecurity and safeguard consumers’ interests. It also contributes to building a credible, healthy, and sustainable environment on the Internet in the future.


Dennis represented the Dot Trademark Registry on providing advice to international organisations, governments, regions, and enterprises in placing importance on intellectual property protection, strengthening cross-border cooperation between countries and industries and taking practical and feasible measures to solve IP disputes on the Internet.


On the issue on how to better promote cross-border IP protection online, Dennis answered questions raised by the UNESCAP and country representatives in the QA session. Delegates attending the conference appreciated and recognised the concept of Dot Trademark and its contribution to online trademark protection.