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Internet DotTrademark Organisation Ltd. Establishes the Internet Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI)tim

Source: RegistryDate: 2018-04-27

With the popularization of Internet application and the rapid development of Internet economy, various Internet-related legal issues are arising out from the field of intellectual property, attracting the attention of global legal practitioners, academics, and Internet experts, and continuing to explore ways to better protect online intellectual property rights, as well as ways to resolve related disputes more effectively.


The Internet DotTrademark Organisation Ltd. is pleased to announce the incorporation of the Internet Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) in Hong Kong. The IIPI is tasked to conduct research and promote the exchange of information on Internet-related intellectual property issues and provide practical trainings on Internet intellectual property legal services, with a view to improving the standard of Internet-related intellectual property services in the Asia Pacific region. IIPI is an affiliate of the Internet DotTrademark Organisation Ltd, and its co-founders are Mr. Dennis CAI and Prof. Julien CHAISSE.


The inception of the Internet Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) is another significant development of the Internet DotTrademark Organisation Ltd. following the setting up of the Internet DotTrademark Policy Committee (IDTPC) in Hong Kong on April 26th last year. These two affiliated bodies, with their independent and mutually complementary functions, will play an important role in improving, innovating, and popularizing the global Internet trademark rights protection mechanism. This also signifies that Internet DotTrademark Organisation Ltd. are undertaking the greater social responsibility to promote the development of protection of Internet trademark rights.


For the incorporation of IIPI, many internationally well-known legal scholars and industry insiders expressed their congratulations and support. The IDTPC co-chairman, the former member of the ICANN Nomination Committee, and the renowned independent arbitrator, Professor Christopher TO, welcomed the establishment of the IIPI: " IIPI has an admirable vision and it is praiseworthy that it has taken the responsibility to promote the use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in resolving Internet related  IP disputes globally. The two co-founders have rich experience in both IP and arbitration, and I trust that the IIPI will play an important role in revamping the IP rights protection mechanisms for the Internet in the future."


Dr. Jianchuan Zhang, Director of the ICANN Beijing Cooperation Center: "I hope IIPI can build a communication platform for the domain name industry and the intellectual property community, and believe that the founding of IIPI will promote the popularization of ICANN's various rights protection mechanisms and dispute resolution mechanisms in China. It will play an active role in promoting the development of a safe, stable and healthy Internet ecosystem."


The Hon. Neil Brown QC, a well-known domain name expert who has rendered his personal 1,000th domain name dispute decision in April this year, the Australian Queen's Counsel, the former vice chairman of the Australian Liberal Party, and member of the Internet DotTrademark Policy Committee, also strongly supported the establishment of the Institute. The following are his email congratulatory message to the IIPI:


"IIPI’s incorporation comes at a time when the internet is rapidly becoming the standard means of commercial and social interaction. At the same time, the structures and uses of the internet are coming under increasing challenge and scrutiny. It is also the case that intellectual property issues are becoming more significant, giving rise to some  difficult  issues and the need for more creative solutions.” 

"I am confident that the IIPI will contribute substantially to that need and I wish it every success in this important work." 

Co-founder of IIPI Prof. Julien CHAISSE: “ I am truly delighted to co-found the IIPI with Mr. Dennis CAI, and the establishment of the IIPI is indeed a milestone of the history of domain name dispute resolution and online trademark rights protection in the world. ”

Ms. Carrie SHANG -- Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Counsel commented: “Internet domain name dispute resolution is an emerging intellectual property service. It has broad prospects and development potential in China, and IIPI focuses domain name dispute resolution practices as one of the main training areas fills the market gap in the Asia-Pacific region and meets the needs for this highly specialized legal service training.  This will enable more intellectual property attorneys to provide more comprehensive intellectual property services."


About the IDTO

The Internet DotTrademark Organisation Ltd (IDTO). is the ICANN accredited registry for the Chinese verified Top Level Domain “.商标” (pronounced as “Shangbiao” in Pinyin, meaning “Trademark” in English). It is committed to the improvement and innovation of online trademark rights protection mechanisms. IDTO is the world’s first and only registry operator that implements pre-registration trademark rights verification mechanism and post-registration trademark rights protection mechanism which effectively protects the online rights and consumer rights of trademark rights holders by preventing bad faith registrations of domain names by ineligible parties. In 2016, IDTO successfully formed the “IDTPC” consisting of 20 world-class Internet and intellectual property experts from different jurisdictions of the world. The IDTPC provides advice on the policy development of its rights protection mechanisms, and maintains the DotTrademark policies’ leading position in the development of global online trademark rights protection mechanisms.


With the unique trademark rights verification and protection mechanism, “.商标” has become the largest verified TLD and has been increasingly recognized as a new type of online symbol for trademark rights and a safe internet portal for global brands.  


About the IIPI

The Internet Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) was incorporated in Hong Kong in the year of 2018. It is a branch of the Internet DotTrademark Organisation Ltd(IDTO). It focuses on conducting researches on global Internet-related intellectual property issues, organizing training courses on the legal practices of Internet intellectual property protection (especially trademark rights protection), and promoting the use of rights protection policies and dispute resolution methods implemented by ICANN and other Internet organizations.

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