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Internet DotTrademark Organisation(IDTO)and International Trademark Association(INTA)Strengthen Cooperation, Advocate and Promote Internet Anti-counterfeiting

Source: RegistryDate: 2019-06-17

At the 141st International Trademark Association (INTA ) annual meeting held in Boston, USA on May 18-22, 2019, Internet DotTrademark Organisation was invited to participate in several important events and was a complete success. The concept, value and functions of the “.商标”(DotTrademark) domain name have been highly recognized by the international community and have attracted much attention.

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INTA is a non-profit international organisation of global trademark owners and trademark professionals. The INTA Annual Conference is the world's largest, most dynamic and high-profile trademark event. It has become a worldwide trademark brand organisation composed of 35000 members from 187 countries around the world. The theme of this year's conference is " A world without counterfeits " .



At the meeting, INTA Chairman David Lossignol called on INTA's 35,000 members from 187 countries to work together to allow the society to reject counterfeit goods and prevent the public from accepting counterfeit goods from the bottom of their hearts. Only then can the impossible be made possible. “A world without counterfeits is not an impossible dream, if we work together.” He pointed out that brands have the obligation, resources and ability to take safer and more active measures to protect consumers' rights and protect consumers from misidentification, so as to protect brands and enhance brands value.


Mr. Dennis Cai, President of Policy and Compliance of Internet DotTrademark Organisation, attended the conference on behalf of the DotTrademark Registry and participated in the following key activities:

1. Exchange of views with INTA Chairman David Lossignol on online brand protection

Since Chairman David Lossignol presented at the “DotTrademark Night” reception held in Tangshan last September, he has paid great attention to the development of the “.商标” DotTrademark domain names. Mr. Cai reported that international brands are increasingly using the fully-trusted DotTrademark domain names as safer online portal, so as to minimize impact of counterfeit domain names, fake websites. Mr Cai also reported the latest developments of the DotTrademark Policy Committee.

2. Participate in the high-level meeting of INTA and China Trademark Association Forum (CTA)



INTA has always place great emphasis on the relationship with China, the latest developments in China's IP related laws and practices, and the problems and challenges of the protection and application of international trademark brands in China. The leaders summit between leaders of INTA and CTA has become a unique platform for two the important organizations to exchange information and strengthen cooperation. As a strategic partner and council member of CTA, the DotTrademark Registry was invited to attend the summit and introduce the latest development of DotTrademark. He also witnessed the historic signing of the memorandum of cooperation between INTA Chairman David Lossignol and CTA President Mr. Mafu.

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Committee to promote Internet trademark rights protection activities

Since the first large-scale conference with INTA at Hotel Shangri-La in Shanghai on July 26, 2018, the DotTrademark Registry has been working closely with the Internet Committee of INTA.. Mr. Cai exchanged views Ms. Lori Schumann on how to strengthen the cooperation between the DotTrademark Registry and INTA. Both believe that the DotTrademark Registry and INTA has broad common the interests of protecting trademark rights online.. They agreed to continue to work closer to co-organize more seminars to educate trademark rights holders in the Asia-Pacific region in the context of protection and application of trademark rights online.

4. Delivered a keynote speech at the China Trademark Association Forum (CTA) Forum

The CTA Forum is an important event of the INTA Annual Meeting. Senior intellectual property experts and representatives of official institutions analyzed and introduced the latest developments and related issues of Chinese intellectual property laws (especially trademark laws) and practices. Mr. Cai, as a experienced arbitration and domain name expert, analyzed the important issues of “trademark-squatting” and “domain name cybersquatting” in China at the conference, and introduced how to use DotTrademark domain name to solve and mitigate the problems of trademark dilution, consumer misidentification, corporate image damage, and the difficulty of establishing online integrity caused by "trademark squatting” and "domain squatting"




In addition, Mr. Cai also introduced the concept and latest development of DotTrademark to the intellectual property lawyers, legal media and partners from various regions around the world.

5. The DotTrademark join hands with INTA to promote the protection and application of Internet Trademark Rights in global enterprises

As a partner of INTA, the concept of DotTrademark has always been consistent with the theme of the INTA conference. In 2017, the INTA conference proposed that “the trademark brand should be integrated with the Internet” ,and in 2019 “A world without counterfeits”. As early as 2014, at the beginning of the establishment of the DotTtrademark, Mr. Huang Xiongwei, the chairman of Internet DotTrademark organisation, believes that DotTrademark should help brands achieve higher goodwill. First, it should help the trademark brand to prevent the emergence of counterfeit brands. Second, help brands to keep pace with the times, keeping up with the trend of the new era makes it easier for consumers to directly find the brand. Therefore , DotTrademark is initially positioned as a fully-trusted online trademark brand symbol service, its purpose is to help brands to establish an online portal on the Internet that is convenient for netizens and consumers to identify brand website information and connect to use.



As the first Internet trademark brand symbol in the history of intellectual property, “.商标” is the only Generic top-level domain in the world that uses the trademark rights certification rules. Unlike many Internet domain names that are not subject to pre-registration review, DotTrademarks have strict registration rules and strict pre-registration review process. The pre-registration review process requires the brands to have exclusive trademark rights before registration, and the applied DotTrademark domain name must be consistent with the trademark brand name, with global unique, global protection, and global common features.

Strict pre-registration review process and Internet uniqueness provide a kind of easy to remember, easy to use, secure and credible Internet symbol for brand enterprises, and help brands avoid and prevent counterfeit goods and trademark infringement on the Internet, and strengthen the digital protection for the brand. At the same time, DotTrademark is the suffix of the brand, which is convenient for consumers to search and find the brand directly, and provides consumers with a secure and credible official Internet entrance to the brand, can help consumers better identify the brand's official website and real information, improves the interaction and stickiness between consumers and brands. It has also built a bridge of mutual trust between brands and consumers, improved the goodwill of enterprise brands, and enhanced the commercial value of brands.




The DotTrademark will work with 35000 members of INTA from 187 countries to promote the protection and application of Internet trademark rights of global enterprises, and to continue to empower and enhance goodwill for global trademark brand innovation, continue to provide better digital protection services for brands, so that counterfeited trademarks have nowhere to hide. A world without counterfeits is not an impossible dream.