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What is the difference between ".商标" and a ".TM"?

".商标" is a generic top-level domain name approved by the ICANN granting it global root access and resolution and also certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China for the operation of top-level domain from within the territory of the People’s Republic of China. ".商标" is the only generic top-level domain that takes "商标" as its suffix, providing the Internet addressing entry for trademark holder from all over word to protect, express, promote, as well as manifest their trademark rights on the Internet. The registration rules for the top-level domain ".商标" requires complete relevance of a registration and use of the domain name ".商标" to its trademark right.  The Registry has established a stringent examination and approval system and has been working in tandem with domain registrars gloabally to verify the authenticity of each trademark right and the real name of each domain name registrant. It ensures that each ".商标" corresponds to a real offline trademark right and thus a one-to-one relationship is established between the registration and designation of each ".商标" and the trademark of a real offline brand trademark holder. They also highlight the authenticity and authority of a ".商标",

The domain name ".TM" is a country code top-level domain of Turkmenistan. According to the codes of countries and regions in ISO3166, the abbreviation of Turkmenistan and that of trademark in registration are coincided. Because of huge demand of trademark right holders for using domain names with distinctive identities on the Internet, a UK-based business company made agreement with relevant government authorities of Turkmenistan to commercialize the domain name. Since domestic Internet users in Turkmenistan are also using the top-level domain, there is no requirement for the registration qualification for the domain name ".TM", which follows the principle of "first come, first served". Therefore, ".TM" cannot be as an exclusive top-level domain of any trademark right holder in terms of its registration and use rules, except that the suffix sounds like having some associations with trademarks.