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          Dot Trademark Registry places great emphasis on compliance issues concerning its accredited registrars and their resellers(Hereinafter“Registration Service Provider”). This form allows the public to submit complaints to Dot Trademark Registry regarding a registrar and their resellers.

    Items with an asterisk (* ) are required

    Name of Complainant*
    Organization (if any):
    Telephone Number:
    Dot Trademark (domain name) that is subject of complaint*
    Registration service provider, if applicable, that is
    subjected of complaint *
    Please select one type of the following complaints*
    Registrar/reseller did not provide customer service
    handling DotTrademark process
      Registrar/reseller misconducted itself in marketing
    activities concerning registration of Dot Trademark
    (.ie. providing misleading information or using
    unauthorised materials to solicit business).
    Brief Description of the Issue
    (Word limit: 1,000)*
    (The information provided to Dot Trademark Registry via the complaint form will be forwarded to the concerned
    parties for investigation. To remain anonymous, please request in the immediate above box).
    Anonymous or not for the complaint forwarding*
     Yes      No


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