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Why have websites as Xiao Mi and JD made some changes on their domain names?

Source: RegistryDate: 2014-07-01

News on June 19. Some Weibo users report that they type the domain name "xiami.com" instead of "xiaomi.com" once in a while when they visit the Xiao Mi official website. But they almost haven't typed a wrong form of the domain name since Xiao Mi changed its domain name into Mi.com. Considering user's easy typing of the domain name and access to the official website, lots of companies have done the way Xiao Mi did to shorten the length of domain names of their official websites, on which some of them have even made a total change. Now, let's check the number of companies that have made changes on their domain names.


The JD Company's original domain name is 360buy.com, similar with Qihoo360 and easy to lead to confusion among users. So it spent a large sum of money to buy the domain name jd.com. The domain name composed of two letters is rare and extremely expensive, on which enterprises are willing to spend a quantity of money due to its briefness and easiness to remember. For example, the Tencent Inc. has purchased the domain name qq.com in a large sum of money. And Xiao Mi Company spent tens of millions of money to buy short domain name mi.com. Similarly, Tongcheng Company bought the domain name LY.com and changed its company name into Tongcheng Touring with lots of money. And XE Markets and IG Company have respectively purchased the short domain name xm.com and ig.com as well.


Domain names of websites like xdf.cn, VIP.com, yhd.com, xjh.com, epwk.cn, ifeng.com, zbj.com, gjw.com, yyq.com, yzz.cn and dld.com are mostly composed of first letters of each name's pinyin or have been tailored, for instance, the domain name vipshop.com has been simplified into VIP.com, into which VIP has invested tens of millions of yuan , as is said by Gong Wenxiang.


In addition, Shanghai 37wan has also spent 2.1 million dollars (12 million yuan) to purchase the number domain name 37.com at a high price. The awareness of enterprises to protect their domain names has been strengthened increasingly. Some users expressed their views about the purchase of short domain names at a high price.


@headline domain name: It expresses the importance of domain names.

@Bei Haoming-three good ways for marketization: There are four elements for good names, namely, the individuality, the peculiarity, the easiness to remember and the uneasiness to forget by the first glance.

@Ma Yingbing_Wensiuhaihui: The domain name is so important that it deserves a lot of money.


Take Xiao Mi as an example, the totally new domain name mi.com turns to be more internationalized compared with xiaomi.com. Users visit the official website of Xiao Mi by typing the domain name xiaomi.com in the form of pinyin, among whom Chinese users account for 80.3% and Malaysian users 6.6%. While users visit the official website of Xiao Mi by typing the domain name mi.com, among whom Chinese users account for only 68.13%, but Malaysian users account for 6.6%, which expresses the vital importance to use short domain names for the international users.


Actually, for large websites, it mainly calls for the prorogation of domain names to users except the technological upgrade if they're prepared to change the domain name. And if the new domain name gains little acceptance from users, they would face the risk of the loss on the number of users. So some enterprises do not tend to change domain names of their official websites easily.


But in fact, it benefits a lot for the users to use better and shorter domain names because it can lessen the memory burden and rid users of the rest on the search engine. Meanwhile the number of users who directly type the domain names to visit has been on a sharp rise, which can also help enterprises save a large sum of advertising expense and flow fee paid to search engine as Baidu.com etc.