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What does it count for LOREAL to retrieve its domain names of 20 brands?

Source: RegistryDate: 2014-08-04

Overseas media reported recently that L'OREAL retrieved the ownership of 20 domain names. It's reported that final results of the arbitration case covering 20 disputed domain names including brosseclarisonic.com through WIPO by the world's largest cosmetics company L'OREAL for its skincare brand, the world's leader in the field of acoustic nursing, Clarisonic (Ke Laili) founded in USA in 2001 on May 13 has come out.


As is surveyed, those domain names won back by arbitration are all composed of Kelaili brand name "clarisonic" and other words or letters. And some domain names even served as the name of sales websites of the Clarisonic. And those 20 disputed domain names were mostly registered in July, 2013. The L'OREAL side thought that the pleader registered and used its domain names in a vicious way and violated other brands for the attempt to mislead customers to capture commercial benefits.


As far as we can see, enterprises will be highly regarded as they are expanded. Experts on enterprise brands remind those enterprises that the domain name exists as a symbol of the brand and trademark of the enterprise. It should be increasingly valued only by registering the domain name of the brand and products in advance as more and more top domain names emerge, let alone nowadays the price of the domain name is very low. For example, the LDTX (www.72.net com) and hk's domain name is respectively registered only at the price of 22.9 yuan and 97 yuan. So it takes little money to register and protect some domain names at the very beginning.


At the same time, to make users better know about the values and functional transition of the domain name, the LDTX Company has especially made the following analysis on functions of the domain name:


First, the domain name is an access to the website. This is the only function of the domain name a few years ago. And it's also a well-known common use in the present.

Second, the domain name can protect the brand and trademark. So it's an intangible asset for enterprises, of which the Start-ups bear a weak awareness because they think the domain name only serves as an access to the website and thus have lost sight of its values. With various disputed domain name cases emerging, people are increasingly conscious that the domain name can protect the brand and trademark. Nowadays the domain name is highly regarded gradually. The ICANN reported that they would grant several hundreds of suffixes to the new top domain names in 2014. So enterprises should strengthen their trademark protection for their domain names to be registered in the years to come.


Third, the domain name is a strong tool to generate money, especially for those investors and speculators of the domain name. It's needless to say that a qualified domain name is cheap when it's registered such as LDTX com whose registered price is only 29.9 yuan. But a good registered domain name can bring handsome benefits to users.