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Domain name registration of enterprise naming rules: is it of great significance to protect the domain name?

Source: RegistryDate: 2014-08-04

Entrepreneurs will encounter the first important decision to name their enterprises, which can make an impact on the circulation of enterprise names and business development. And the domain name is also considered an important element as they name their enterprises.


The domain name, a mark for enterprises on line, is cited as a "Global Brand" in the Internet Age. Entrepreneurs should first confirm whether the relevant domain name has been registered when they plan to take a certain name as the company name.


If the domain name corresponds to the company name or online theme, users will remember well and the propagation effect of websites can be promoted, such as haier.com, hongta.com, huawei.com, xianhua.cn, bufan.com and guibin.com. They all built a website using the domain name corresponding to the names of their companies.


In fact, however, qualified domain names are so scarce that entrepreneurs meet much difficulty in finding out satisfactory domain names. Definitely enterprises can protect their domain names by purchasing or working hard to select a domain name, which may be in the form of the abbreviation of enterprise name, the harmonic tone of pinyin or the combination of Chinese and English.


Domain names such as jd.com, zn.cn, shbj.com, chinaren.com and gree.com are original and suit to people's taste in a special way.


However, to select domain suffixes, enterprises should act in a popular way because most users are used to typing .COM or the domain name of related nations (regions) when they visit domain names. For example, Chinese users are also used to visiting the domain name .CN, so enterprises should take users' experience into consideration when it comes to choosing domain names.


Enterprises should make those unregistered domain names ".COM" registered for the first time so that they keep others and even their competitors from making those registered in advance. For instance, the home page of ganjiwang.com that has been registered by Yao Jingbo will turn to the home page of the 58 City, which easily makes users confused.


Except the selection of domain names, professionals hold the view that entrepreneurs should also take other points into account, such as making names peculiar and not easy to forget; avoiding unusual spelling; making names easy to read and remember as well as brief and clear; making names have a certain meaning and easy to remind users of related businesses; confirming whether names are applicable or not, etc. So it's not difficult to find that these requirements correspond to those of choosing domain names to a large extent. Additionally, entrepreneurs can also turn to hidden clients or investors for their advice to choose a domain name.